Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 1- Provo MTC

I have a very limited time guys, so I'm going to make it brief as possible without leaving out the good stuff ;)

This first week has FLOWN by. it's hard to explain. we're so busy from 6:30(or earlier)-10:30 every day, so the days feel so long. However, the weeks seem so's like I look back and feel like i JUST got here. 
The Italian is coming surprisingly great. They speak nothing but Italian to you when you're in the classroom, which is a ton. So the first day I had no clue what they were saying haha. But it's crazy, after praying for help, I've been able to understand almost everything in Italian, and am now teaching lessons in Italian, and doing many other things in Italian...even eating lol.
The guys here are studs, I love them, I feel like I've known most of them for my whole life, but I haven't...weird. The food here is good, but very fattening. and we only get like 45 mins a day to exercise and it's usually in the morning so I'm not too productive...hence the reason I gained almost 2 lbs since I got here a week ago...I'm gonna start fixing that haha
I've learned a lot my first week. If there's one thing I could tell you that I know is true, it's that I know I'm supposed to be here at this exact time and go to Italy specifically, because there are people there that only I can connect with, and that is all thanks to the big man upstairs for calling me to serve this wonderful mission! and I know through experience that miracles do happen (learning Italian at a rapid pace). the teachers barely even teach us the language- they mainly just speak to us in the language and teach us Doctrine in the language, and because we put God first, he blesses me in many ways, like the fact that I can speak the language a week later!! 
Trust me guys, with divine intervention, anything can happen. I know this to be true!!
I went to the Italian consolate the other day to finalize my visa! it's getting so real. my flight even shows my return date already haha, I return January 4th, 2017 I guess...but yeah, good stuff. I will be emailing you all soon, just week by week  Ciao!

con amore,
Anziano Blaise