Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 3 Provo MTC

This week has been a great one. The tender mercies of the Lord are among me! My Italian is going a lot better, our investigators are progressing, the devotionals are inspiring, and I got called to be Zone Leader yesterday! companion is pretty sick and I somehow am not sick at all. I finally got a haircut Monday...they cut it slightly shorter than I like, but it'll do. I also watched David A. Bednar's talk on "The Character of Christ" at an MTC devotional years ago; it was amazing. I implore all of you to watch it, it will change your life. It taught me to learn to turn outward when the natural man would turn inward. I also heard a talk from D. Todd Christofferson. He talked about the currant bush. there's a big bush, over 6 feet high, and a farmer sees it, and wants to turn it into a currant bush so it can bare fruit, since it currently has none. when he prunes it almost completely down, the bush says, "why would you cut me down? I was so big and grew so much" and the Farmer said, "I know what I need you to be, just trust me on this. you will grow back much more beautiful and bare fruit" and time passed...eventually the bush grew into a beautiful currant bush, baring much fruit, and he thanked the Farmer. the farmer said, "see? I knew your potential" we need to realize the Lord loves us enough to cut us down. and that he has much more in store for us. we need to trust Him. I learned this week, especially, that the Lord loves me, and all this tribulation he puts me through is for the greater good of both my soul, as well as the salvation of others in Italy. I know that I will come out of this a better man, better than I could have thought possible, and I know that I WILL be a currant bush one day. I know that all of you will be! I'm still working on handling the "pruning", but it's coming along. I think being called as Zone Leader is one of the steps toward refinery. remember, the sun shines brightest after dusk.
I'm growing even closer to my zone, and others as well. I have met some really amazing people here, and they have affected my life forever, in a great way. I'm so grateful for these people here, especially my teachers. every time they talk about Italy and the people and the culture and the food...I just get so happy. I don't know how to describe it.
I love this work, and everything about it. and I love and miss you all.

con amore, 
Anziano Blaise

Saw Elder Galbraith!

Mckenzie and Zack White are the best!

We get a little tired here at the MTC
Going to pharmacy and almost saw the real world!

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