Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 7 ITALY!

hey guys, dont have much time unfortunately, but here we go....

this week was AMAZING. tough, but fun and worth it. I had the opportunity to have pizza at Sorbillo's the best place in napoli, and napoli is the best place in the world for pizza! so you can say i'm loving the food here. also, the place i'm in is a little ghetto, but beautiful. the people here are very interesting but i just love them to death haha they're awesome. there are some americans here because there is a base nearby. we only have a few investigators right now and none with a baptism date. if we can help Fiorenza and Nerina to stop smoking then i think they will be baptized shortly after! my companion is so awesome. he is hilarious and super helpful and nice. he is 6'8" and plays bball for BYU. today we played zone soccer in napoli on a turf field and it was sooo fun. we walk soo much every day but its great. the church building is super small, like really small, and a 20 minute walk from the apartment. i live with another companionship and we honestly have so much fun hangin together it's great. real quick i just wanted to describe the people here. first off, they speak a different dialect here in Napoli area so its tough to understand them, but its coming along. also, they ALL talk with their hands and are so passionate when they talk. when it feels like they're mad at you or yelling at you, they're not. its hilarious. and the kids all walk around during the day and love coming up and talking to us. they thinks its super cool that we're american. they always tell me something in italian and ask me to say it in english, its funny. they all have the classic italian soccer player haircuts too and its sweet haha. they have so much fluxuation in their tone of voice here too, it is such a beautiful language. and everyone we meet is either catholic or atheist, so its tough, but we've gotten like 20 phone numbers just from finding people on the street! unfortunately, no referrals though because, well, its italy haha. some lazy people here, but gotta love them. we had stake conference on saturday and sunday but it was in Sardegna so we just watched it on TV at the chapel. they asked me to speak in church next sunday though haha, for 15 minutes or more, in ITALIAN ughh. well guys, pray for me, because it's gonna be interesting haha. i also think its funny that every car here is small and everyone walks around talking very loud and 15 year olds walk around smoking because theres no law against it...frustrating but oh well. its really cool talking to people in another language though about the church, and not only have them understand you, but feel the truthfulness of your words when you bear testimony. I wish I had more time to explain some stories, but you'll just have to trust me when I say the little success we have makes up for all the failures. it's so awesome to be here, i am so blessed. I wouldn't pick any other place. I know these are gonna be some tough couple of years, but I also know it will bring myself, and everyone else I come into contact with, joy in their life. I've seen it already! Seeing people smile as we talk about how God loves them or how families can be forever is such a great experience. True happiness is showing others happiness. Italian is coming along. tough to understand the dialects and how fast they speak, but i'm progressing, that's what matters.
well guys, I have to go. just know that this is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and sometimes I just sit back and realize i'm in Italy and i'm doing some fun and awesome things. love it. love you all and miss you all. God be with you til we meet again.

Anziano Blaise

Anziano Blaise opening up his "Golden Envelope"!  This tells him where his first assignment is and companion.

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