Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 8 Italy

well guys, just like that, another week has passed-

this week has been slightly weird but pretty solid. I could go on forever about what happened, but I dont have that long. essentially, we got stood up about 5 times this week for appointments, and 3-4 of them were investigators...ugh. but that's just a part of the mission I guess! I'm starting to quickly learn that there is endless amounts of rejection out here in the mission field, especially in the south of Italy...hahaha it's so awesome here though.
I dont know how or why this happens, but I often forget I'm out here. like I'll just be walking down the street talking to people in italian, and then step back and realize what I'm doing- I'm in the prettiest country on earth with the coolest people ever and the only "job" I have right now is to talk about this amazing church with people. I guess you can say I'm pretty lucky/blessed. 
this week I ate some more pizza that is insanely good, and has some mozzarella di bufala. it's essentially mozzarella cheese made with buffalo milk, and it is AMAZING.
on the other hand, we finally got a baptismal date with this woman named Fiorenza (assuming she can keep away from the cigarettes). I'm so excited. It's so awesome watching people turn their life around and make a change for the better. I can see the difference like night and day from when we first taught this woman, to now. she's fatigued from quitting smoking cold turkey, but she says she somehow feels happier, more at peace, and closer to God. this isn't just a blessing of not smoking, but it's also a blessing we can all get from striving to strengthen our relationship with Him. it's so easy too! all we must do is pray every day, and often. ask for help with our problems. actively seek to help others. live in harmony with God's plan and commandments. and most importantly, always strive to become like Jesus Christ, and develop Christlike attributes. this is what I'm trying to do, and I can see such a difference in my life. I can honestly say, at this exact moment as I type, that I am BY FAR the happiest I have ever been...and I know that it is no coincidence that this is at the same time that I spend all my time spreading this wonderful Gospel. this Gospel blesses lives, it changes lives; not just the people you share it with, but yourself as well, as you share it. I find that every time I open my mouth to share it, whether I get rejected or not, I feel my own testimony strengthen actually. I'm beyond blessed to be out here, and to be out here with the coolest missionaries of Italy. We are constantly having a good time and it's so fun to be a missionary. as I learn to not let the "failures" get to me, I learn that we cant help it if people accept this Gospel or not in this life. all we can do is give them the opportunity to hear it, and if we do that, then we are doing our job.
I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes, as well as for the shortness of my letters; for I am still getting used to these wacky italian keyboards and what not haha. quick summary of a cool story- my comp and our district leader went out to take care of something that the president needed to be done, so we went on a scambia (exchange), and so it was me and Anziano Scott. I love this guy, but he and I know about the same amount of Italian, and understand about the same amount. so let's just say I was a little nervous to talk to people on the street for the next few hours...but we did it. it was weird, we had like 6 good convos and actually got a guy to commit to coming to church and meeting with us. not sure which companionship will take this guy (assuming he follows through) but it was just cool to experience how much God can help His missionaries, when we truly need it.
I love you all and promise I will try to include more and more as the weeks go on. I just want to make sure I email all of my peeps :)

Love you all,

Anziano Blaise

ps....we are a 20 minute train ride from the town of napoli, but we are in the napoli zone.
our town is called caserta and its like the brentwood of italy. it is quiet but cool, i like it a lot.
my comps name is Graham Maxwell Pingree and he is about 1 month older than me and 7 inches taller than me

Our apartment

Yummy salami and cheese

My companion Elder Pingree eating the BEST pizza!


  1. I am inspired by your posts, Carter. What an amazing experience you are having!

  2. Carter, Just thought you should know that I am Sheltielover!
    Beverly Whitney