Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 9 Caserta,Italy

I lost track of what week this is. all i know, is that the weeks go by exponentially faster haha. this week was nothing crazy, but quite busy. my comp and I had many appointments and lots of finding to do. we visited some less active members and new converts, as well as our progressing investigator: Fiorenza.
Good news is, she is planning on getting baptized April 11th! such a great day to be also, these awesome 18 year olds named Dennis and Daniel, new converts, are working with us a lot. theyre both Albanian, but speak perfect italian and very good english. we give each other tips with the languages. we plan on going on splits with them this week to give them more prep for their missions in the future, as well as help us cover more ground. they are awesome guys, and we hope to use their fellowshipping to our advantage. they plan on bringing some buddies to english course this week, so we will see where this goes. also, two main potential investigators, Rodriguez (from Dominican Republic) and this guy Massimo (from Sicily) are looking pretty awesome. we hope to meet this week, and challenge them to baptism. and hopefully, baptize their families as well. we are seeing progress slowly but steadily out here in Caserta. it's tough because there arent many people out here, but anything is possible.
My italian is making baby steps each and every day, and I couldnt be more grateful. my comp is forcing me to be in charge of the phone this week...yikes. its really hard to understand italians on the phone, so wish me luck! we also casually got some more "Nap"/Nappoletanna pizza twice this week. man this stuff is incredible. we also had mission conference on friday in rome and it was sweeeet. learned a lot actually. 
in essence, i learned to never give up, and never bail out on an opportunity, whether i think it will work or not. just because you get rejected doesnt mean you did anything wrong! some people just arent ready to hear the Gospel quite yet, and thats ok. however, on the street this week, i stopped some pretty sketchy looking people, which we usually dont, but some of them turned out to be pretty awesome, so i definitely will not miss out on stopping anyone from now on. we set up a couple appointments and a couple people want some Books of Mormon, but other than that, this week has kinda just been a fun and uneventful one haha.
I learn every day things I need to improve on. but I also learn we cant get down on ourselves for our faults and weaknesses. one of my favorite scriptures, Ether 12:27, tells us how God gives us weaknesses solely for our own GROWTH. now i know that sounds crazy, but as we discover our weaknesses, humble ourselves because of them, and turn to the Lord completely for help; He actually promises us that He will make these weaknesses become STRENGTHS...thats amazing. Im still learning this concept, but I cant wait to take use of this in my life.
I truly love this work, and I love everything this brings into my life and the change it has on others' lives. Love you all. Until next week

Anz. Blaise

ps. from Tami... Carter lost his camera charger so there aren't any pics from him this week.  I took this off of the mission blog from Friday! Thank goodness Sister Waddoups is on top of it and takes pictures.  I'm ordering him a new charger asap, I have to see pictures weekly... (:

Mission Conference Rome East/Napoli/Sardegna March 20th (Carter is on far left back!)

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