Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 12.... I Believe

sheesh, another quick week.
it was a good one. despite my super close buddies getting transferred out of our area and apartment, it was fun. on saturday, my birthday, these guys made it one to remember. first off, they went and bought fake ray ban glasses to casually make fun of the ones i had bought...it was hilarious haha. they made some amazing food and dolce, and we finished it off with some Napoletanna pizza for dinner...my favorite :) i feel bad because we ended up staying up til like 11:30 talking and laughing about random stuff, so we were pretty tired the next day. but hey, it was my birthday..
anyway, we had some interesting experiences this last week, some were bad, some were good. I think i'm going to just ignore the bad ones and talk about a good one or two. so, one lesson we had with this 21 year old couple on wednesday went great. their names are Guido and Flori. it was our first lesson with them. they are soo sick, they speak good english too. they are both studying to be doctors, and Guido is a professional Sailor...so sick! anyway, we talked about our message and such, but we asked them why they wanted to meet with us and what they wanted to get out of our lessons. she said, "well, you're so happy, i can tell. and you're especially happy when you talk about your church. so i guess i want to know why you guys are so happy all the time...if that makes sense" lets just say from there, the lesson went swimmingly haha. they asked so many great questions and the spirit was definitely there testifying of the truth. we met some pretty cool people while finding and have high hopes, as usual. oh, almost forgot, we got a baptismal date for Guido and Flori! it's on pace for may 23rd!
man, I truly do love it out here. it's honestly pretty tough and tiring to be a full time missionary, but it is totally worth it. just seeing the happiness our message brings makes it all worth it. It's a huge learning experience for me out here, and it would take me forever to tell you everything i have learned so far. generally speaking, one of the biggest things i have grown to learn, is that God knows and loves all of us individually. He created us, He knows us perfectly. He knows exactly how we feel in every situation, and He will always be there for us. however, he does require that we ask for help when we need it. i have learned many times, that He does in fact hear our prayers, and He will answer them, as long as we are listening with real intent. dont give up no matter how hard it gets, because He is always there, especially when we think He isnt. I have perfect knowledge of this, and it brings me peace knowing so.
I love you all so much.

anziano blaise

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