Sunday, June 7, 2015

(week 19) anotha day anotha dolla

hey guys!!

aghh i miss you all. italy is gettin toasty haha but the last couple days have been perfect, like 75 degrees farenheit probably. so as you know, we had transfers thursday, and my new comp came from the heel of the boot of italy. he's in his 8th transfer in the mission and i'm in my 3rd (there are 16 total).

guys, i hate to sound negative, but its been a rough couple days with him. he's not exactly motivated to be fact, he pretty much doesnt want to be here. also, i speak and understand better italian than he does which means i'm basically the senior companion, when im not supposed to be. he finds any random task possible to keep from doing what we're supposed to do. whether it be studying or going out and finding. he also commented that "finding doesnt work; it's pointless" so you can imagine how that goes over for our work. i could go on forever about this subject, but bottom line is- i need your prayers!! i cant let him affect me and bring me down. the last thing i want is for him to rub off on me. it's going to be a rough transfer, being with someone who avoids missionary work, but I know its possible.

as far as other things go. not much is happening here. however, and investigator family of 4 we're teaching is making progress and we will invite them to baptism on wednesday after dinner!! they're sooo awesome. the mom is from Brooklyn, NY and the dad is from Napoli, Italia. so, all 4 members of the family are fluent in both languages (sweet). i have a strong feeling they will commit to baptism, but i dont want to count my chickens before they hatch! man, the mission is truly awesome. there's no other experience that could shape me the way this is shaping me. my priorities have changed significantly since I entered the MTC on January 21st. I'm so glad to be able to dedicate all my time to not only preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but LEARNING about it. my studies are super important to me, and i learn so much from the scriptures that i never knew was there. the privilege of being a missionary outweighs the seldom heartache i feel when i long to see my family and loved ones. I know this church is in fact the church of Jesus Christ Himself, and for this reason I am out here sharing it with those that will hear it; so that they may experience the joy that this Gospel has brought, and continues to bring me. I am the most tired and exhausted i have ever been, but i am also the happiest i have ever been.

I love you guys so much and am always thinking and praying for you guys.

until next week :)
-Anziano Blaise

Last pic before Elder Pingree left (trainer)

older pics but oh well haha i was reminiscing

more older pics and reminiscing

Memorial Day on base with the Americans

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