Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 18

hey guys!

alright, so this week wasnt too crazy, but some things are definitely worth mentioning. we got transfer calls on saturday and my comp is getting transferred to Palermo! i'm staying (luckily) and getting a new companion named Anziano Williams. I heard he's from Idaho and actually the same mtc group as my current comp. i'm pretty excited to meet him and start some new adventures haha. so as you can imagine we're pretty busy trying to say bye to these people before he takes off. today we're actually going to a memorial day bbq on the american navy base for our ward! super excited...and this fam that we've  been trying to teach for a while now finally has time to meet with us! so we met with them last week and talked about the plan of salvation. we have another lesson scheduled with them this wednesday, and are actually going to their house tonight because its their sons 13th birthday and he wanted us to come by! i'm super excited for this family, they're so awesome. the senior couple the andersons took off to their new area in rome on saturday..i'm gonna miss them a ton. the new senior missionary couple is awesome though, luckily. today, so far we just came up to napoli to get some Sobillo's Pizza, the best pizza in the world (literally) for my companion's last p-day in the napoli zone!! it's getting to be a real struggle to find new people to teach out here, because people wont even stop to talk to us on the street, but we're hoping for a miracle to come around. this work is tough but worth it, that's for sure. lately i've been gaining a much stronger testimony for the book of mormon and its importance and significance. I know that this book contains the truth, and that it is a gift to us from God. I know that He hears our prayers, and that He will answer all of them in His own due time. I know that one of the ways He answers our prayers is through this book. I know He wants us to try and find the answers we seek, and that with fervent prayer and determined scripture reading, we can find this answer that He has for us. I know that when we receive our answer, that we will feel a confirmation in our hearts, so that we know without a doubt that the answer comes from God. i'm so grateful for this book and the good it's brought me in my life thus far. I love you all so much and I miss you a ton. keep being awesome.

-Anziano Blaise

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