Monday, June 22, 2015

(week 21)

ok, well, another week has passed, and i'm sorry but nothing too eventful has happened haha.

The temperature is continuing to rise, as well as the humidity, and it's getting even a little tougher to reach out to people since people are taking off for vacation. however, good things are still happening. we have an investigator family of four, that i've previously mentioned, and they're making great progress. they came to church on sunday and not only stayed all three hours, but they also brought food and stayed for the post-church linger-longer (basically a potluck). it went really well. they absolutely loved church and said it felt like one big family. they made many really good friends here their first day, and they fit right in perfectly. they called us after we got home and expressed how awesome their experience was at church, and how much they were looking forward to next sunday. again, i dont wanna jinx anything, but this family will probably get baptized one day in the near future. i just hope i dont get transferred out before it happens (good chance i might). our other investigator, eleanora, is doin great. we visited her yesterday evening and she's super ready for her baptism on the 27th. the whole ward is super excited for her and her family. her and her family plan on going to the temple and getting sealed exactly a year after her baptism. throughout the week, we spent a lot of time trying to get our english course bigger, since a lot of investigators come from english course, and we have also been trying to reach out to some less actives we havent seen in a while. we also recently were told by our president that we can no longer go out of our areas on p-days except for once a transfer...aka, no more napoli (until the last p-day of the transfer). but we're gonna talk to the prez about that cuz napoli is only 30 mins away and some members houses we visit in the ward are like an hour and a half away sooo yeah haha.
anyway, i just wanna reflect on how blessed i am. its random, but true and can easily be overlooked. it's amazing to be out here, free of any health problems that could be holding me back from getting stuff done. that sounds random, but about half the missionaries in the mission have some sort of health problem, whether it began before or during the mission, that is in some way holding them back a little bit from getting stuff done. so i am super grateful for that. also, i've really come to see the Lord's hand in my life lately. I'm not sure if He just has more of an impact in my life now that i'm a missionary, or if i can just recognize it better because i dont have all of the distractions that i had before the mission. either way, His tender mercies have been upon me and the people i am teaching so much. it is because of these very tender mercies that I am still here on my mission, and havent given up yet. and it's because of these tender mercies that our investigator family finally came to church, and felt the comforting feeling of the Holy Ghost during their entire stay. I'm really starting to realize just how much us missionaries really are just instruments in the Lord's hands. He uses us to perform the miracles He sees fit. I know this Gospel is true, and with all the marrow in my bones I can tell you that this Gospel blesses not only the lives of every individual who accepts it, but the family as a whole. Families can be forever. I love this church, and I love my Savior, who atoned for the sins of the world, so that we may all one day be able to live with God again in the Kingdom of Heaven. I miss and love you all.

until next week,

-anz. carter blaise

testimony at zone conference

Napoli Zone

singing at zone conference


getting their new ipads for the mission


candid pic from zone conference

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