Monday, June 29, 2015

(week 22) First transfer...going to Crotone ( late post from 6/22/15)

 date: 6/22/15

Hey guys!
Well, this week was fun, even though not much really happened lol.
Some "highlights" I guess:
-after district meeting on Wednesday, I went on a 24 hour exchange
with the district leader while my comp went with his comp. it was
awesome. We went around and did a bunch of things, including 2
baptismal interviews, one being for one of our investigators. All went
well and she will be getting baptized on Saturday! πŸ˜… the district
leader's name is Anziano Driggs (I call him Driggs the Niggs) and he's
one of my best friends in the mish. Unfortunately, he goes home at the
end of this transfer, so in 2 weeks, it stinks because honestly most
of my closest mission friends here are going home super soon, or
already went home. Ugh! Anyway...
-the next morning on Thursday, we went over to teach Alicia, the
mother/wife of our investigator family. She had plenty of great
questions, as usual, and fed us some bomb brunch too πŸ˜‹ we had
pancakes and eggs and bacon and stuff like that. And obviously we had
American food, because she's American 😏 it was actually a really
great (and long) lesson and the Spirit was super strong. Anyway, we
had to leave right after and go back to get Anziano Drigg's stuff and
head back to Napoli to exchange back into our regular companionships.
It was a solid 24 hours.
-the next day, Friday, we did another exchange haha. The AP's
(assistants to the President) were making their way up to Rome and
decided to stop by and do an exchange with us. I was with my boy
Ashton, aka Anziano Alvey lol. Also one of my best buds, who also
happens to be going home at the end of this transfer...πŸ˜“ it's a
bummer but it's all good. I learned a lot from my time with him--it
was super fun. We taught a less active and recent convert, as well as
some SICK finding in a beautiful park, got some bomb gelato, and even
played a little ping pong with the new convert haha. But while we were
finding we came across some very interesting people. Including a drunk
lady from the Dominican Republic, a couple Muslims from Senegal, and a
solid group of 16 year old Italian boys smoking cigarettes (like
always). The boys were pretty cool though. They didn't believe in God
because they have no proof, and when we said we know He exists, they
asked us how we knew, and so we took that opportunity to bare
testimony of how we know God is real. It was a great spiritual
experience, and just reinforced the testimony I already had of God and
His love for us.
-in the meantime, the other assistant Anziano Puff, and my comp got
their knees drained haha. Long story. But I got pics and stuff lol
-church was awesome and everything. But today I got an emergency
transfer call to Crotone so that's a bummer. Oh well haha
Well that's my week! Love you guys

Anziano Carter Blaise
AP made this before he left for home for Carter and other missionaries

McDonald's in Italy

Carter's last companion before transfer.  They were together for a few weeks only.

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