Saturday, June 13, 2015

(week 20) HoTTTT

well guys, it's gettin hot as heck out here haha. it's like almost 90 degrees farenheit, but wayyy humid, and we walk around all day so it's DRAINING me. hopefully i magically get some body change where i can be cold in this hot weather. the work out here is still a struggle, but it's coming along. nothin too crazy happened this week honestly, but there were some cool things :)

so on tuesday at english course, one of the students named Nada, who's like 50 years old, is originally from Croatia but speaks perfect italian and decent english. she's been coming to english course before I even arrived in Italy. anyway, she was chatting with me about 15 minutes before english course started, just about random things. then she said, "you know, I don't just come to english course to learn english. in fact, the main reason I come is because I have so much fun here and I feel good inside while I'm here. and whenever you guys share a spiritual thought, I feel that same good feeling even more." I was like, super caught off guard after that, in a good way. she had heard of the book of mormon before, because we have shared parts from it during our "spiritual thought" at the end of class before. and so, i had the impression to go and find one in the office. so i went real quickly, and there was literally a book of mormon in CROATIAN sitting right there on the desk. so i took it and gave it to her and explained that it was just a free gift for her because I knew she would enjoy it. she was sooo stoked haha. anyway, the next class, thursday, she came up to me and said how amazing it is and how much she loved the few pages she read and how grateful she was for me giving her this gift. I don't know where this will go, but I have high hopes for her!

our investigator family of 4 is coming along. slowly but surely. they couldnt make it to church this week, unfortunately, because they got super sick and were throwing up the night before. hopefully next week though...they're still super curious and asking lots of awesome questions. we hope to be able to have the opportunity to invite them to baptism this week, so we'll see how that goes.

we had some pretty awesome less active lessons this week, and we brought the senior couple, the Bryans with us to two of them. they're so awesome lol, they bought us pizza and gelato after one of the lessons! also, we had a lesson and dinner with an AMERICAN family on the navy base last night!!!! omggg it was awesome. the food, the english, the american looking house. it was awesome haha. Also, we get ipads thursday!! so i'm super juiced about that.

anyway, i love you guys a ton, and love hearing from you :)

-Anziano Blaise

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