Monday, July 6, 2015

(week 23) Crotone is sick

well guys, as you know, I was emergency transferred last week on tuesday and was given less than 24 hours notice lol. but, luckily all went well.

I absolutely love it here in my new area, Crotone. it's right on the beach and we get a nice breeze to help ease the heat and humidity of the Italian summer. my new companion is MONEY. this dude is in his 8th transfer so he's 5 ahead of me. his name is Anziano Zappettini. He's italian by blood but pretty much american haha. he's a couple months younger than me but has done a lot more in life already than I have. not to get into too much detail, but this guy is awesome. he had to begin living on his own at the age of 14, so he got a job and was providing for himself by then. and eventually graduated in diesel mechanics by the age of like 16 and started making really decent money. all of his extended family and most of his immediate family are inactive, yet he's stayed strong. he wasn't sure about serving a mission, in fact, he was offered a job in alaska as a diesel mechanic to get nearly $100,000/year, but turned it down and decided he needed to go on a mission. in short, this guy is such a great guy, and wants to work hard out here but also have the time of his life... he's super awesome and we get along perfectly.

It was rough leaving so abruptly, not being able to say goodbye to everyone I wanted to and not in the way I wanted to, but it worked out. this weekend on saturday we had a karaoke activity here at the church and me and my comp sang (after peer pressure) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. not the old song but the cover by that one hawaiin guy with the ukulele lol. obviously i suck at singing and my comp is about the same so yeah we butchered it haha but it was soo fun. and there were a bunch of africans there that wanted to sing their nigerian songs so that was hilarious haha. man it was a priceless night. we also ate some bombbb italian food at the party too. man. oh and our mission president was there as well because he had to come down and do interviews for temple reccommends because we dont have a stake down here; there's not enough people lol. then on sunday in church, the mission president was still there, and it was a great sunday. my comp and i had to teach priesthood and gospel principles, and I gave a testimony in sacrament meeting since I'm the new missionary in the branch. and i also passed the sacrament haha. it was a good session of church, I learned a lot. our investigators came and so did the less actives we're working with. our investigators, Antonela and Gianluca, are lookin good for getting baptized on August 8th! after church, we hung out with the sister missionaries in our branch, the senior missionaries, the mission president and his wife, and the district president and his family and we ate some food (of course) that an italian member made for all of us and they made us take home all the leftovers...ugh. it's like everyone wants the elders to get fat or something. but anyway, it's been a very busy but great week. we did some finding one evening on the lungomare, which means beachwalk, and it was awesome. it was perfect weather with a nice breeze and the sun setting on the mediterranean as we were finding some great people to talk to about our english course and the gospel. we found several awesome people and had great conversations with them, but nothing has come from them yet. it's rough sometimes to wonder why we have all these amazing conversations with people and feel the spirit and they seem so excited to take the next step, but then you never hear from them again. but as i'm coming to realize, it's out of our control. as missionaries all we can do is invite people. people have their agency to choose. our job is to simply present it to them in a way that they can make a solid choice for themselves, and nothing more. we aren't to push people to accept anything, only to invite them to accept. so as I continually meet amazing people that end up not doing anything regarding the church, all I can do is look back and be satisfied with my effort. it's tough, but it's really all the Lord asks out of us missionaries. I know there are people out there that are prepared, and I intend to find those people with the help of the Lord. He takes care of His servants. I know with all my heart this Gospel is in fact the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. I know this Gospel will bless anyone's life that chooses to accept it. I love sharing this happiness with others and I look forward to these next 18 months and what they have in store for me and the people I meet. I know I'm supposed to be here in Crotone, Italy at this time. I love you all and would love to hear from you :) and if you have any questions, please ask me, i'm always here.

Anziano Carter Blaise

Here's the investigator family that came to the apartment at 11pm at night before I left for Crotone just to say goodbye to me!! I love them so much

 My boy Denis!! (new convert from Caserta) one of the guys I miss most from Caserta

Last Napoletanna pizza for a while

View in Crotene

View in Crotone

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