Wednesday, July 22, 2015

(week 25) A New Beginning

what's up guys!?
well, it's about that time again, the start of a new transfer. as you
all know i was emergency transferred like 3 weeks ago here to Crotone,
and will be staying here this transfer (unless i get emergency
transferred again haha). luckily, my stellar comp is staying here as
well. he's such a boss I love it haha. we're getting a long super
well, and it's paying off because we've gotten some good work done
this past week. our beloved district leader and his greenie came down
to Crotone for an exchange wednesday/thursday and it was soo sick,
always miracles during exchanges. I went with the district leader,
he's soo funny and one of my best buds in the mish, and my comp went
with his greenie.  during this 24 hour exchange we acquired several
super solid potentials, but most of all we got 2 new investigators out
of it! and one of them we got committed to a bap date on august 8th!
super sick. we also got 2 other investigators before the exchange. one
from our english course and one was a referral from a new convert. i
swear, english course is the sickest thing ever--it's super fun to
teach english to italians in the first place, and because we always
begin and end in a prayer and do an inspirational thought at the end
these people get a little exposure to our beliefs and practices. it
pays off too. somewhat often we get really good questions from the
students that sometimes lead into us teaching them a lesson or two.
unfortuantely, its difficult to get italians to commit to anything,
but every now and then it clicks. after english course on tuesday,
this 20 year old girl that has been coming for like a year or so
finally came up to us with a question before course started. she asked
us about our stance on Adam and Eve and all that, because she's
catholic but doesn't agree with a lot of the catholic teachings. we
proceeded to answer her question only to find she was very pleased to
hear our response identical to the one she received while searching on the day before haha. apparently she chatted with
missionaries a little bit on too, pretty cool. but anyway
we were stoked and were going to ask her if she wanted to sit down and
talk more about our beliefs some other time, but some lady came in and
interrupted and threw it all off topic. we tried to talk to her after
english course, but she left like right after the closing prayer so
that didn't work. on thursday after english course, we weren't about to
let her get away, so my comp ran after her practically and basically
said what we wanted to say tuesday. she gladly accepted to meet us the
following day in the late morning. long story short, we met, and it
went quite well. it was my first restoration lesson in a while, but it
felt good. she liked what we had to say and agreed with it and the
commitments we extended. unfortunately she couldn't make it to church
on sunday, but its all good because she said she's reading the book of
mormon and wants to meet with us again this week. i have plenty of
other stories to tell, but not enough time to tell them :/ but just
know that my week was a good one. and a hot one, oh my. this next week
should be pretty sweet because we have some awesome lessons lined up
and an activity for the youth that we organized...beach volleyball! so
sick. and we're allowed to participate too so that's gonna be SICK.
it's always awesome to meet cool people out here. a lot of the times
missionaries get so stuck on teaching the gospel, that they forget
these people are PEOPLE and they don't care what we have to say unless
we care about them. my companion and i realize this and are really
trying to form a solid bond with everyone, members or not, to show
that we truly care about them. it's such a good feeling to help people
and to help put a smile on their face. this is one huge reason i love
english course, it does just that. as San Francesco d'Assisi said,
"always preach the gospel, and when necessary use words." I love this
mission and the opportunity it gives us missionaries to just focus on
being the best we can be and loving people and helping them to realize
why we do the things we do--because God loves us all and He wants
everyone to hear what He has to say! we had lots of good times this
week and it got me really excited for this next transfer.
well guys, that's about it. i'd love to hear from you guys even if i'm
too lame to give a long enough reply haha. i love answering questions
so if you have any, ask away! love and miss you guys a ton. keep on
doin your guys' thang ;) love y'all.

-Anziano Carter Blaise

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