Wednesday, July 22, 2015

(week 26) Shoot...6 months already...?

Che si dic!?

wow...what a week. alright so today (monday) we're traveling to
Taranto for our zone conference on wednesday. you may wonder why we're
already heading up there, and that would be because it's about an hour
long train ride plus a 3 hour bus ride to get there :) I guess that's
what you get when your mission covers more than half of a country
haha. anyway, i'm super stoked for zone conference! we start off
today, since it's p-day, by kickin it as a whole zone and we're gonna
have a BBQ and we got permission to watch Meet the Mormons so that's
gonna be siickk. then tonight we're gonna start a zone blitz where we
all just are missionaries in Taranto for a time period. so basically
there's gonna be a ton of missionaries in a city instead of 4 lol. but
here's a little recap on my rather uneventful week:

monday was super tight. after email and what not in the morning, we
met up with a member in the ward named Giovanni D'Oppido. he's a 25
year old return missionary that served in England so he speaks perfect
english. he's probably the sickest person here in Crotone, we love
kickin it with him. and his family is also super tight. so we went
with him, his family, and other families that their friends with to
the beach. dont worry, we didnt swim or anything (i wish we could
haha) but we did play football on the beach with him. and his mom made
us some bomb lunch too ;) and they have a thing called a bungalow
which is basically a mini house right on the beach so we were chillin
there for a bit. it was super fun. i got my legs wet in the
Mediterranean so that's all that matters hahaha. then after that we
met up with the sistas and got some gelato and played fooseball in the
church as we waited for our investigators to show up for an activity
we were gonna do...but they didnt come hahaha sweet. so then we went
to see this lady that loves the missionaries and she gave us free
pizza and drinks and yeah.
wednesday we had a beach volleyball activity with the youth and our
boy Giovanni and the sisters and senior missionaries and that was
super fun, since we actually got to play :)) and it was in the evening
so it was blazing hot lol.
friday we went with Giovanni to go pick up a new suit since one of
mine ripped...and because there are some good sales going on right
now, but mainly because i needed one for zone conference. anyway, as
im in line about to pay for it, my card gets declined and i find out
later that someone got my card information and had been using it
fradulently :) love when people take my money :) so that was
embarrassing haha. but its ok because i got it all worked out now. and
luckily was somehow able to get the cash to go back on saturday to get
the suit. but when we went back we had to walk and it was an hour long the heat...oh my haha.
sunday came and it was a good sunday. church was awesome, i learned a
lot, and we had 4 investigators of ours come! :)
well, that was pretty much my week, nothing too crazy.
however, quick little cool story:
so we had the opportunity and privilege to teach an African named
Lucas last week. he speaks amazing englislh and no italian. it was our
first real lesson with him and so we taught the Restoration, in
english! it was my first time ever teaching the Restoration in English
to someone, and it was such an interesting experience. i'm so used to
teaching it in Italian that it was a little weird at first so do it in
English. Though i like to think i'm decent at italian right now, the
reality is that it's absolutely nowhere near my english capacity haha.
and so when i was teaching and explaining things to Lucas in English,
it was almost like hearing the Restoration for the first time in a
while, and it was awesome. and when it came time for me to bear solemn
witness on the truth of everything we said to him, i felt it more than
usual. I could say things I wouldnt be able to say in Italian, and it
felt so good. it was just what i needed--an opportunity to be able to
fully express myself and my thoiughts in my native language for the
first time in a while. i know this story may seem kinda lame to you
guys, but it really is the struggle out here having to teach and
converse in your 2nd language. dont let anyone say it's easy, because
it's not haha you actually have to think hard about what you say and
really pay attention when they speak to you. i guess that's helping
with my focus issues i had before the mission! haha. well guys, i
gotta get goin', hopefully i can write a tad more next week. i love
and miss you all. and just remember, "doubt your doubts before you
doubt your faith"

-Anziano Blaise

our mafia boss, i mean branch president ;) 

gelato on p day 

hahaha dont worry i didnt buy this almost purple blazer, but i did think about it to be honest...

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