Monday, August 10, 2015

(week 28) that il mare

Ciao everyone!
this week was a fun week, man. last monday, for p-day, we went to the
beach again with our member friends and played volleyball, ate some
pasta in their little beach house, and then some italian ragazzi
(teenagers) came up to us and asked if we wanted to play soccer with
them, so we did that for a solid hour haha. basically it was a super
sick soccer on the beach with italians, ain't nothin like
it! after all that we went and got some super good gelato, because I
mean we had to get our blood sugar back up. then later that evening,
we taught a lesson to our investigator Lucas; it was one of the best
lessons i've ever had on my mission. it was about an hour long and the
Spirit's presence was undoubtedly felt. we got super close to him that
night. we made that clear transition from being "those missionaries
that teach him" to "his homies that share a special message," and it
was just what was needed. that lesson he opened up to us a lot more
and actually asked meaningful questions rather than just listen to
what we had to say. i could tell he trusted us a lot more that lesson,
probably due to the fact that we talked for 15 minutes before the
lesson about how we liked similar music and other things. also, on
saturday, we had a district activity in Sila (in the mountains) and it
was amazing because it wasnt even hot!! by the way a district is like
a stake but not a stake because there are way less people. but yeah,
we brought our investigator Lucas and he loved it! it was so sick, we
had a lot of fun. we ate some BOMB food, and did a bunch of different
games, most of which included a soccer ball haha of course. but yeah i
apologize for not having any pictures to send really. I'm pretty lazy
when it comes to taking pictures :/ i'll have more next week! we also
had 5 new people randomly come to english course on thursday so that
was super sick. August is super rough out here in italy since everyone
just dips out of italy and doesnt say anything. so i guess you could
say the work is pretty slow right now...but its ok we'll get through
it and in a month it'll be unreal ;) we have transfer calls and deep
cleaning this saturday so it's gonna be crazyyy. our district of 4
anziani and 2 sorelle has a possibility of literally anything these
transfer calls. honestly any one of us could be staying, as well as
leaving. we honestly have no clue. but i'd say i'm pretty sure i'm
staying (at least i hope i'm staying...) but stay tuned for next
week's email to see if i get transferred or not! man this transfer
went by wayyy too fast holy cow i feel like it just started!! well
guys, love and miss you all. keep sending me pictures and keeping me
updated on your lives :) (if you have time)
ci vedremm

-Anziano Blaise

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