Saturday, August 22, 2015

(Week 29) I'm getting transferred :/

Well...we got transfer calls saturday, and of course, i'm already leaving :/ though Crotone isn't the most glamorous, i'm in love with this place and the people i've met here. it's gonna be rough leaving to be honest. i've developed some really good friendships with the people here. and i've only been here for 8 weeks! so crazy how fast time flies. well, i'm excited for what's next. I'm getting blown in to Foggia, follow-up training Anziano Ponce. when you're blown in it means that they took out the two missionaries that were both there and are replacing both of them with 2 new ones. so basically we wont know anything about our town and we'll have to figure it out haha.  follow up training means he was already trained his first 2 transfers and now for his 3rd transfer he's gonna be with me. so yeah he's 2 transfers younger than I am! i'm super juiced though because he's from Peru and doesn't speak good english yet so i may even learn some spanish...i hope. to be honest one of the things i'm gonna miss most about Crotone is the air conditioning in our room in our apartment. omg such a game changer.
alright well let's see what happened this week. as you can see from the pics, we had some fun this last week! we had an African movie night monday, super fun. and we watched 17 Miracles and it was amazing. wednesday we had a combined DDM with our zone leaders and did transfer predictions, super fun and it was a very good meeting; i learned a lot about how to recommit myself to the work and reset my focus on missionary work, in order to consecrate myself as a missionary. it's interesting how we may be doing all that we should, but just by simply thinking about things other than missionary stuff can for real distract you. even if its good stuff. like thinking about school after the mission or seeing your family. those are both great things that matter, but can shift your focus from being completely effective. it doesnt mean you shouldn't think about those things, but if it takes priority over your missionary so thats what i'm trying to do, is make this work my priority through my actions. i don't know if i explained all that as well as i wanted, but i hope you all understand the point i'm trying to convey haha.
we had an amazing lesson with Lucas, one of our investigators. he's so ready for baptism. the thing that sucks though is that he's moving to Como (northern italy) so we wont be able to teach him or baptize him..ugh. he's so sick, he's like my friend. he's 25 and we have a blast whenever we're with him. but he told us to give the missionaries up there his number because he wants to meet with them! so thats good :) i'm gonna miss Lucas a ton. luckily we'll have Facebook somewhat soon...
saturday we had deep cleaning since it was Ferragosto, a holiday here in Italy. basically no one is home and everyone just parties. so yeah we stayed in the whole day as did the rest of the mission and we deep cleaned our apartments (yay) but it was also transfer call day, so yeah that set off our focus a little bit haha. we made some apostate phone calls to see where our buddies got transferred and my trainer called me and it was so good to talk to him. man i love this mission, it's so stinkin awesome. it's rough, but so fun. the food may be amazing and it may be a beautiful country, but it really isn't easy at all, but it's so worth it. i'm just gaining more of an appreciation for the mission because of how much it's blessed my life and the life of my loved ones. i'm so happy!
oh yeah and on sunday the branch president had me bear my testimony since it was my last sunday before i leave for Foggia. it was awesome. i could already feel my italian starting not to suck anymore, kinda..hahaha!
alright guyss, i love you all. stay sweet and keep me updated :) tvb

here's just a couple of random pics that i thought i'd share. just to show you how great southern italy is (beauty-wise) so classic...

loving the African food

saying goodbye to friends in Crotone


saying goodbye to friends in Crotone

having fun teaching the weekly  English course

the #squad at our activty

an activity we had in Sila, great weather in the mountains
I'm holding my stomach because we just had the biggest pranzo (lunch) of all time at Sorella Zito's house. She wanted to feed me before I transferred to Foggia!

life of a missionary.. & unfortunate tan lines

African movie night 

A shirt I bought along with my comp and ZL's, they had "shizzle" written on them, so sick! ha ha

random picture before leaving a members house

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