Thursday, August 27, 2015

(week 30) Foggia is awesome!

Foggia is awesome. It's not humid, not that hot, we have an actual
WARD! And my comp is tight. I'm excited for this transfer. He's a hard
worker and speaks amazing Italian. His native language is Spanish so
Italian is easier for him than English so we speak to each other in
Italian usually. We're in a 4 man house! And we're like 50 meters from
the church so that's AWESOME. Plus there's actually youth in this
ward! Super sick. Honestly don't have much to say except the fact that
I'm happy to be where I am in my life. Serving a mission lovin it!!!
They had me and my comp teach priesthood on Sunday haha we ended 10
mins early I felt so awkward when I realize we did a 35 min lesson
except a 45 min one haha. The bishop is sooo sick I love him. My
district is me and the 3 elders in the house and the 2 sisters and
everyone is awesome. We have 2 greenies in the district and a recently
not-greenie--super young district. I love it. Our district is about to
have a baptism Tuesday!! August is almost over so I'm pretty stoked
haha now we'll be able to actually meet with people! Don't really know
what else to say haha. Miss and love you guys.

Inviato da iPad

My boy Giovanni, we got haircuts together before I took off to Foggia

I miss my district in Crotone

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