Wednesday, September 2, 2015

(week 31) Good week :)

Ciao Belli!! :)

I hope you guys have had a great week, because I have. I could go day
by day and tell you everything that happened that was awesome, but
that would take way too long and I am tired as heck haha. So here's
the highlight reel haha.

Alright so English course was great both Tuesday and Thursday. We have
a pretty big size course, it's sick. Me and my comp teach
intermediate, which is perfect! I love intermediate. They're so nice
too. Honestly every English course I've ever taught is so nice. Here I
am a 20 year old American with no teaching background, and I'm
teaching an English course to a bunch of Italians lol. My comp helps
too but it's limited since he's still learning English. But they told
me that they love me as a teacher, which made my day because I don't
know what the heck I'm doing haha and to hear that was awesome. But
anyway, we got three new investigators this week from our English
course. We only invited two of them to baptism this week though :/
....but they both said yes to it!
Sorry I'm kinda skipping stuff. But in short, me and my comp have come
to the conclusion that if we wanna revolutionize this area (Foggia) we
gotta go above and beyond. First, it starts with obedience. We've made
goals and commitments this transfer to follow all the rules. For
example, waking up by 6:30, and WORKING OUT (hardest part for me),
getting home on time at night, and many other little things. Also,
we've decided to put much more effort into our work and finding. So we
aren't doing anymore of that unoriginal thoughtless finding. We've decided that if 
we put more thought and effort into our finding that we'll see more miracles and
success. We only get out what we put in! So we're trying some new
stuff, and it's working. God works in mysterious ways, and blesses us
indirectly. Though we may be working hard and trying hard in one part
of our life, God may bless us in other ways and other aspects of our
life. We've been doing a lot of area book and work with
ex-investigators and trying to be creative with finding, and here we
are...we get blessed with 3 new investigators and 2 new bap dates (one
is super firm), and they all came from our English course! God sees
our efforts and rewards us openly. Just like it says in Matthew 6 ;)
by the way I'm studying the New Testament a lot, and I just love it.
It's amazing. I could go on and rave about the cool things I've
learned, but you all should just go study it yourselves, you'll see
why :) it especially helps out here in Italy, with all these Catholics
and their bible knowledge, now I can relate to them and have better
and more constructive conversations with them now that I'm more
educated on the bible!
All this hard work and fun we've been having has been killing me
physically lol. I'm happy and love what we're doing, but I am SOOO
tired holy cow. And the members have actually invited US over for food
so that's super sick. Yeah I know it doesn't sound cool but it's like
super #rare out in Italy haha.
Sorry for how lame my letter is this week haha I apologize. I do have
some more good stories, but it's difficult to type on iPads (first
world problems), and plus, I wanna save some cool stories for when I
get home ;)
Just know that I love life right now more than I ever have, and I love
seeing people come into Christ. I've never been happier than when I
see someone be touched by the Holy Spirit of God, and recognize this
church as the true and same church Christ established. Their lives
change forever, you can see it in their face. It's awesome, I can't
describe it. After hearing about the family I taught in Caserta get
baptized, and how happy they are, it honestly made my mission. If they
are they only people I even affect on my mission, it would still be
worth it (D&C 18:15).
Guys, I love you all and miss you all. I hope you are enjoying every
second of your life, because it is precious time. I know I am. Until
next time guys.

-Anziano Carter Blaise

Angelo, amazing guy.  We had our first lesson with him last week.  Knew him from English course.  He's now committed to get baptized October 3rd ( but it will be in Milano up north since that's where he'll be for school:/) still awesome!

My Favorite family from my first city,Caserta, entered into the waters of baptism Saturday.  I can't believe how amazing it is to see this happen with a family I actually taught.  They personally told me about their decision to get baptized before anyone else and I felt so touched.  My mission is already worth the 2 year sacrifice just from this decision by this family.

By the way the dark kid next to me is
my comp ;) super sick guy

Love my zone!! And kebab haha

sooo yeah me and my comp missed the train thanks to very unreliable Italian transportation, and thus got stuck waiting a couple hours for the next train in order to get to our zone conference/specialized training....long story short we got there 2 hours late and I was quite upset but it all worked out
me and my boy Anziano Stanley playing some intense games of's an Italian card game with Italian cards..well, napoletano/siciliano cards. I lost 19-21 so that was a bummer

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