Sunday, September 27, 2015

(week 33) Weekly letter finally :-)

Ciao, everybody!

This week has been a good one. There's always ups and downs to every
week, but the trick is to just focus on the works ;) we've
definitely had some downs this week, mainly with the work, but
honestly it doesn't erase the good things that we've been blessed
with. I have several stories, but I only have time to share one.
8 days ago on Sunday was fast Sunday, and so we fasted, of course. I
fasted for several motives, but one in particular was for another
investigator to teach. Classic missionary, wanting more investigators
haha. But anyway, I fasted for that. The day after (last p-day), we
received a text on our phone from potential that we've been trying to
meet with ever since we got blown-in here and she just hasn't been
willing to. However, in the text she sent us, she asked us if we "take
out vows" in our church. For lack of a better translation into
English. Basically referring to how priests and nuns do so in the
Catholic Church. Then she proceeded to express how she's looking to
make a big change in her So what'd we do? We called and
asked if we could meet right then (p-day had just finished by then)
she said to meet her at a bus stop at 8. Long story short, we met her
there, she was 30 mins late (Classic Italian) and we had a nice talk
on our way walking to the church. We taught a 25 min lesson due to
time restrictions, and in short we spent the time asking her questions
about her goals and intentions, briefly explained part of the
restoration, the story of the Book of Mormon, and then invited her to
read the introduction and the first chapter and to pray about it, just
as Moroni invites us (Moroni 10:3-5). And then, we boldly invited her
to baptism on October 3rd. She said yes. It was amazing. Can't really
explain it, but it was a great feeling to see this process happen
within a matter of a few hours.
We've had a couple other small miracles this week. And we have trials
too as missionaries. It's easy to get down and give up and think
you're worthless or doing something wrong because of having trials in
your work, but we need to remember that people have their agency, and
that there's no growth without friction. A couple of our investigators
for some reason have dropped off the face of the earth, and it stinks,
but really we can't get worked up about it. It's just an obstacle. And
plus, who knows, maybe it just isn't their time yet, maybe they aren't
Anyway, guys, these experiences I encounter constantly are here for my
growth and I'm grateful. Just as it says in Hebrews 12:6, the Lord
loveth whom He chasteneth. And in D&C 136:31, it tells us that we must
be tested and tried in all things, in order to be fit for the Kingdom
of God, to live in His presence. So the moral of the story is--don't
let trials get you down. If we follow the commandments and action plan
the Lord has given all of us, we will be blessed in the end, and
throughout the process be able to conquer and overcome any trial
that's thrown at us. Don't blame God for bad things happening. God
loves all of us. Remember that and don't forget it. He hears our
prayers and knows the feelings of our hearts. I love it, the mission
is so sick. You learn so much. I feel like I've been blinded my whole
life and just now my eyes are being opened. Better late than never ;)
Hey, I love you all. Miss you guys. I pray for you guys too. God bless
and God speed, eh?

-Old Man Blaise
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