Monday, October 26, 2015

(week 37)

hey everyone!!

well, what can i say. i guess first off sorry about not having an
email last week, i was too busy and lazy so i just made a video
instead haha. perks of an ipad ;) but anyway, this week has been a
great one again.
we get cancellations pretty's italy. people are just
different here haha, but yeah it's pretty common, and we got several
this week, no surprise. but there was one day we got like 4 in a row
and i was kinda mad because it messed up our schedule. i mean of
course we have backup plans, but we missed out on 4 lessons that we
coulda taught to help our investigators out. anyway, in spite of all
those, we had some solid lessons this week and met some cool people.
many missionaries are afraid to drop investigators that arent ready
because they dont want to let them go and dont wanna give up on them.
but honestly i'm a huge believer in the fact that if it's not their
time, drop them, and you will be blessed. ever since i got here to
foggia, we've dropped a ton of investigators, but somehow
"miraculously" we would balance it out and find one right after. long
story short, i've learned that we are rewarded for our righteous
sacrifices and faith along with it. i get very discouraged when i find
someone so cool but they just arent open or prepared enough to accept
the Gospel yet. it's a tough thing to deal with when thats the only
thing you do all day, but i'm starting to realize that everyone will
have their time and their fair chance to accept the Gospel, whether it
be now, or in the Spirit World. i find people that are prepared here
more than i ever have. i have so many experiences i would love to
sshare, but not enough time, as well as the fact that i cant share
most of them due to confidentiality. its amazing how these people
we've known for just a few weeks or less, trust us enough to open up
and tell us everything about their life, even the deep deep stuff you
only tell loved ones. it's awesome, but definitely a responsibility.
we had a couple people accept baptismal invites this week, so thats
awesome. hhowever, one is leaving for england on saturday so she cant
get baptized til december when she gets back. but honestly our best
and most solid investigators arent quick to baptize, which  stinks
kinda, but i know when they do get baptized, they'll be firm in the
faith, and thats awesome. i've been reading and thinking this past
week on how to improve my teaching and i'm looking forward to trying
new things this week. the mission is awesome and im lovin it. helping
others for a living is a unique and humbling experience. we got a lot
to do this week, and some pretty heavy problems to try and work out
between some people this week. i feel like im a guidance and marriage
counselor half the time which is funny sincee im an unmarried 20 year
old kid, i should be the last one for the job. eh, oh well haha. funny
story this week--we went on a random bus to do finding on the bus,
and turns out the bus we went on  goes hecka far away and basically
we almost got lost but an hour later we found our way back. had to be
there  haha. alright guys  sorry i stink at writing, maybe i'll write
better next  week :) love you all


Anziano Carter Blaise

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