Monday, November 9, 2015


Hey guys!! 👐🏽

Alright so on Saturday we received our transfer calls telling us what's happening this transfer day on Thursday...and I'M STAYING!! I'm sooo happy y'all have no clue. My comp is leaving though, to Ascoli, and I'm getting a guy named Anziano Martin as my comp. I'm so stoked cuz I heard he's hilarious and just a fun guy to be around, so I'm really looking forward to serving with him. He's from America so I won't have to worry about slowing my English down for him haha and I bet he speaks good Italian so that's also nice. This next transfer is only 4 weeks though because the next one is 8, because of Christmas and getting missionaries home before Christmas and stuff, long story. But basically this might be my last transfer in Foggia and I'm devastated if it is, but let's hope I can get at least 2 more transfers in here.I'll have lots to say about my new comp in next week's email ;)
Foggia is amazing. By far my favorite city this far as far as missionary work goes. It's just another level of amazing people. I'm blessed to stay here. We have several investigators making progress right now, 3 of which have a date set for baptism, and 1 that wants to be baptized but he's 16 and his atheist mom and Catholic dad won't let's ok though, he'll make it through. L and R are an amazing couple that we teach, 24 & 20 years old. They have now agreed to follow every single commandment the Lord has set out for us, except right now L is struggling with just one, but yeah, I think this is just a speed bump really. They know this is the right thing to do, I can see it in their eyes. And the other day we had like an hour long convo just on eternal marriage and families, and I basically asked straight up, "L, do you wanna marry R," "yes." "R, you wanna marry L?" "Yes." "Alright, sick." Then we went from there. They were actually shocked because they hadn't even talked about it before until we brought it up hahahaha. But if all goes well, they'll get baptized November 28th and probably married in February (hopefully earlier). I love them so much. There are people you meet on your mission that you know for a fact you were sent on your mission to meet those people. L and R are 2 of those people. Simone as well. He's the only Italian I've ever met that loves American football, and can actually play like a boss!! He throws the nastiest spiral he's so sick. He's 16 and wants to get baptized more than anything. He needs to either wait til he's 18, or keep praying for his parents to miraculously allow him. We got some praying to do boiii!
Honestly I don't got much else to say, other than I'm having the time of my life out here, and seeing people make changes in their lives, and being a part of those changes brings me fuller happiness than I have ever felt before. I love God and His Son, and His church. And I'm honored to serve Him and His children for 2 years. I need these humbling experiences big time, and they keep comin!! 
I love you guys, tty next week ;)

Ciao bellissimi
-Anz. Blaise 

Simone-one of the greatest kids I've ever met. An investigator of ours.
he's getting baptized soon by our other Anziani
He's the only Italian that I've met that likes American football!

Random little area in Lucera, just outside of Foggia. Did a lesson there the other day.
We're shooting for November 28th for baptism ;) they're amazing

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