Monday, November 2, 2015

(week 38) November.....

Wow, I can't believe it's November already. This is insane haha. Like every week, this one has flown by, and I've had too many great experiences to recount in an email (classic excuse I give every week so I don't have to write a novel 🙄). So I apologize for any lack of detail, or excitement, ahead of time haha. Alright so where do I start...
Well, last week, as none of you would know since I didn't really "do emails" last week, we didn't do TOO much quantity wise, but quality wise we made some progress. We have multiple "investigators" taking lessons from us to learn more about the church and decide what they wanna do with it, but our 2 most "legit" investigators I guess you could say would be a couple we're teaching. They've been dating for 2 years and we always mess with them about when they're gonna get married and it's like kinda funny because we all know they're gonna get married one day 😉. But anyway, they're young, and soo sick. I don't wanna play favorites butttt...yeah. And they came to church last week and stayed the first 2 hours! But here's the best part, they came again this Sunday (early) and stayed ALL 3 hours!! So sick. They loved it again. Long story short, they've received some pretty important answers in the past few days. I don't wanna like dig in and share their personal lives with you guys, but, I'll just say that in one of our lessons they were on the verge of their "eyes sweating" if you know what I mean, and told us straight up they feel something with us that they've never felt before and they don't know what that means. After some explanation from us, but mainly from a church member, they realized what it meant. And then to seal the deal, Antonio, the guy, had a dream that was very very symbolic. He was riding a bike down a path and everything was white and he didn't know where he was going, but it was so bright white he kept going. But the bike broke. He decided to walk the bike back because he couldn't make it to the white light with a broken bike, but as he was giving up, others came out of nowhere to help him and encourage him to get back on and keep going. Eventually he did it, and with their help, he made it. And right when he was gonna see what was there in the super bright whiteness, he woke up. He told us that he knows he needs to be here and that this is the change he's been looking for in his life. He doesn't know how he found us or how he got so lucky, he said, but he said he wants to take advantage of this and see where it takes him. Sophia already has a testimony of the church. She expressed how after she went home from church, she had so many mixed feelings--feelings of pure joy, but mixed with sadness. She even started to cry and she didn't know why. I then shared with her an explanation of what "personal revelation" truly is. In short, it's how we receive answers and guidance from God, through the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost brings you feelings of peace, tranquility, joy, etc. when you hear something that is a truth, something you need to hear to help guide you to do the right thing and submit to God's will. But often times when we receive revelation, it is accompanied by negative feelings. Such as guilt, shame, embarrassment, sadness, or anger. Why? Well, if you found out you had been doing something wrong, or in a way that was more difficult your whole life, and that there was an easier way this whole time, or that you were actually supposed to be doing this instead of that, wouldn't you feel kinda crummy? I would haha. And that's revelation. You're gonna feel bad that you didn't discover this thing sooner. And that's exactly what Sophia was feeling. They are now committed strongly to reach their goal and be baptized on November 28th 
We also had a Halloween party at the church on Friday and it was ight. I've seen better, but we had fun and our buds all came so that's the important thing. My comp and I dressed up as soccer players. He wore his Peruvian jersey and I wore a Napolitano jersey, and people were giving me a hard time because Napoli is rivals with Foggia haha but Napoli is my stomping grounds in the mish so I can't betray them. We also had zone conference on Thursday and I got to see my trainer from the beginning of my mission!! He's an assistant now so he goes to all the zone conferences. So sick. We couldn't help but hang out during the whole free time and try our best to catch up on what we've missed. I love that guy, he's awesome, one of the guys I'm gonna be great friends with even after the mish.
Honestly I love this place. I never wanna leave. Miracles happen every day and the people are amazing. I hope I stay next transfer, we find out Saturday!! Pray for me to stay here in Foggia haha. Ok well guys, I love you all. Prayer works, God hears it. Fasting works too, almost like magic, it's amazing. Try it out sometime if you haven't. Stay sweet and God speed. 
Tante belle cose e ci sentiamo

-Anz Carter Blaise

Carter and his trainer Anziano Pingree

Bari  Zone Conference
Carter and his current companion along with his trainer 
Candid from mission blog

more candid from mission blog

ward Halloween Party

Carter and his companion dressed up as soccer players here with two investigators

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