Wednesday, December 9, 2015

week 42 Missin' Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

To be honest, I almost forgot about thanksgiving until the infamous Robert Poti sent me an email last week wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving haha. Even on Thanksgiving day I didn't remember until we had left the house. Things just aren't the same in Italy, or any country other than America really...I do love the mish but I really do miss celebrating these big holidays with my closest family and loved ones. I guess you could say that my thanksgiving is every p-day when I get to write said people. That being said, thank you guys, I love you all and everything you've done for me and continue to do for me, even if I don't notice or realize it.

This week has been a wild one. No matter what happens, the only thing that occupies my thoughts is the well-being and state of progress of our investigators Loris & Roberta. We were anticipating a baptism this past Saturday, but there were some complications, I guess you could say. In their interviews, they went well for the most part (though I didn't give them, since I can't, because I teach them), except Loris couldn't say for sure he knew Thomas S. Monson was a true Prophet or not because he's never read anything about him. No biggie, we knew we could help with that. Obviously to make a decision like baptism you gotta be sure and have a strong belief in the way this Church is established. And Roberta answered perfectly to everything, except basically just one thing required her to get another interview with our Mission President. Nothing crazy. Though she was pretty down about it because she wanted to get baptized so bad. Anyway, she came with us yesterday to our conference to get interviewed afterward. Long story short, Loris has been looking up Anti-Mormon stuff out of curiosity and it's been destroying him a bit. Presumably, he's shown some to Roberta as well. As a result, she expressed to us some feelings of uncertainty and being kinda sketched out the morning of our conference. I had a decently long talk with her about this stuff, because it is a real problem that needs to be confronted and conquered. Then, (surprise surprise) the President and his wife give their "discourses" more or less, on exactly what Roberta (and me and my comp) needed to hear. They talked about things like where do we go for answers? Or the almost equal power of darkness to influence and change our hearts just like light does. Just great stuff like that. Often times we get an answer or guidance from God through the Holy Ghost. However, that's not the only influencing "voice" out there; there are many others. In fact, all the others may often outnumber or beat out the volume of the true but small voice of the Holy Ghost, thus causing us to even doubt that initial communication we had with the Holy Ghost, and start causing ourselves to think that, "maybe that wasn't the Holy Ghost, maybe I was tricked." But, that's ok. Why? Because we'll hear that voice again, but we need to: 1) be attentive and ready, and 2) SEEK it! I could explain for pages and pages how to do these things, but really what it boils down to is having faith, real intent, praying, and acting in faith. Simple. My comp and I both look forward to this week and these battles against Satan we get to fight side-by-side with our friends/investigators Loris & Roberta. I love them so much, it breaks my heart to think of them giving this all up for some lame influence from Satan. So we're not giving up!! :) never.

Well guys I could go through the rest of what we did this week but honestly I can't think about other things right now haha, this is consuming my thoughts and all that matters to me right now (as far as missionary life, not you guys 😉)

Aight, I love y'all, miss y'all, and sorry I didn't send an email or pics last week, so here's the email, and now a couple pics from last week 😏

Anziano Carter Blaise

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