Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 44

well where do i best friend is finishing his mission in like 5 weeks or something!! sooo crazy how time flies. i actually just found out from my mission prez that our release dates got modified again and now mine was bumped to December 27, but since its too close to Christmas, they are probably gonna just send me home December 13th...kinda stinks its getting shortchanged but at least i will be home for the next christmas to spend with my loved ones!

once again i apologize for the short email. ok so this week was somewhat hectic with transfers and other things happening, but the new guy that got here to foggia so thats tight. and as you all know im staying here for at least another 8 weeks with my sick comp! Loris and Roberta are getting stoked for their upcoming baptism. Roberta is just waiting on an interview with our mission prez this friday, and then they will prob get baptized a week or so after that. we are sooo excited for them, its gonna be awesome. on friday we got permission to watch a sick movie called The Other Side of Heaven with our investigators at the bishop's house, it was soo awesome. it's about a missionary in the 50's that served in Tonga and was faced with a huge amount of trials and tribulations. basically this guy had the time of his life and grew more than anyone thought possible all thanks to the hard times he faced. it made me reflect on my mission and how i want to finish like he did--a completely different person. it was such a touching movie and i loved it, i would strongly reccommend it to all of you.
on saturday morning we had a super cool opportunity to go into a public high school here in foggia into an english class and teach english to some 17 and 18 year olds. they're usually punks and make fun of weird americans, but i went in and was like, thats not happening today. and so i homied up with them and they loved it, we loved it. it was so awesome, and now a ton of them wanna hang out with us haha so we're for sure gonna take advantage of that and show them the beauty of the Gospel haha. we got a lot of potentials out here and we're gonna try our best to get them all in the church! thats where the magic happens.
in other news, i have one chapter left til i finish the Book of Mormon! sooo juiced. alright guys thats it for now. please email me with questions so i  know what you guys wanna hear! yall feel me?

love you guys!

anz blaise

Anziano Stanley's last night in Foggia before he left for Catania. We went out to dinner with the universtiy English students we help teach!

A member in the ward repairing my shoes ;-)  "Calzaio"

amazing Italian bakery

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