Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 45 ( 122115) My fave holiday!

Ciao tutti!!

Dang, this past week has FLOWN by. Kinda weird how that happened especially since I had Christmas on my mind most the time. We had a couple cool experiences this week. We went and helped teach English again at the university here in Foggia on Tuesday. Afterward, we ended up having to go buy some train tickets at the train station for our zone conference the following Friday, and these 3 girls from the English class had to also go to the train station to take the train back to Lucera where they live. So we ended up all going together on foot, it was about a 20ish minute walk, just the perfect amount to teach some solid gospel principles 😉 but for real though...they started asking us random questions about our beliefs and what we're doing out here in Italy, and it was awesome. 30 minutes later we had taught plenty of things, more than we usually do at first encounter. Anyway, we got all their phone numbers, and then hit them up on Wednesday. Only one of them was able to come and meet with us, Moira, but it's all good. She was super interested in what we had to say. She commented that's she's dang near Mormon already, she's just not an official member. Then on Saturday, Moira came back, and this time came with her friend Stella. Stella's a tough one. She claims she doesn't wanna talk about religion and she's not interested and she just wants to learn English, so we went with it. At a point in the lesson, my comp started talking with Moira about the Plan of Salvation, and I started talking separately to Stella about her problems she was going through. After a little budging and talking it out, she opened up to me. I started relating everything to the fact that there's a life after this, and it's eternal, and that through priesthood authority, we can spend that eternity together with our loved ones. I tried my best to avoid trying to "show up" her religion (Roman Catholicism), and it was hard, but I did it 😉 it was pretty cool actually. It seemed like such a minor conversation with not much getting done. But at the end she ASKED US if she could have a Book of Mormon....I don't think y'all realize the greatness of this haha. This does not happen very often, Roman Catholics here rarely even read the bible, let alone ask us for a Book of Mormon so they can read it. By the way neither of them have ever read the It's ok though, neither had I before the mission (by myself at least).

So anyway on Friday we had our zone conference in Bari, only like a 1 hour 40 minute train ride, not too bad. Because of the weird Christmas transfer, we had our conference at 3pm, but we all met up at the church at 1pm to eat some Panzarotti together for lunch 😋😍 so we left Foggia at like 10:30 or something idk. And Roberta came with us again! 🎉💃🏽ayyee haha. She came because, well she likes coming, but also so she could do her baptismal interview with our Mission President. The conference went great, we got all our mail and had some awesome training, and even re-enacted the nativity scene thing as a zone haha. It was good. And Roberta's interview went super well, and she said she wants to get baptized the 28th of December!! (Along with her boyfriend Loris of course). I even asked if she'd rather wait til January 4th cuz it's a Saturday and she looked at me like I was crazy because she didn't wanna wait that long haha she just wants to get in the water! So this is awesome :)

Then Sunday evening we had a bunch of people from Bari come and join a few from Foggia to carry out a super sick Christmas concert. It was awesome. We met a lot of cool people too, people that aren't even a part of our church, that was awesome. Us missionaries had to usher and stuff the whole time but it was ok, we could still hear it all 😌 

Well that's basically it guys. I'm so happy Christmas is this week and beyond excited to be able to Skype my family!! :)) gonna be sooo sick. It kinda stinks to be away from the fam for my favorite time of year, but I've grown to appreciate this holiday so much more and really know and understand its meaning out here as a missionary over 5,000 miles away from home. I couldn't be more grateful for the meaning of our celebration this holiday season. It all started with His birth, remember that.

I love you all, ciao! Buon Natale! 🎉🎅🏽🎄

Anziano Carter Blaise

This guy came to the Christmas concert last night

girl on train creepin' on my video I was takin.. lol

Roberta going to Zone Conference with us in Bari

Anziano Eldridge "he's the homie"

One of the songs we are singing for the Christmas choir, it's one of my favorites.  I don't think it exists in English though, Unfortunately.. and because there are so many syllables in Italian, we have to often cut off the ending of words when singing songs in Italian..

my comp tonight at the concert

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