Monday, January 11, 2016

week 48 ciccione

heyy what's up guys!?
> man what a week. i swear there's no such thing as an easy baptism out here haha. but, after much work and preparation and ups and downs, roberta and loris have both passed their interviews and will be getting baptized this saturday at 7pm!!! sooo excited. they're so stoked to start this new life, as am i. they're so ready it's not even funny. i still am amazed at the change that has occured both in their lives and in their hearts, it's a beautiful thing to witness. words can't describe the process i've seen take place.
> this time of year is rough for missionary work but we're hoping things are gonna spice back up in the next couple weeks. we know a lot of cool people out here in foggia that we wanna talk with and teach. hopefully we can get that opportunity.
> we were out posting some publicity for our english course the other night and felt like we should go ask the owner of a nearby "cafe" if we could put one inside, and she happily complied. as we were posting it, her along with another guy and an elderly woman were staring at us with a puzzled look on their face until they finally asked, "siete testimoni di Geova?" which means, "are you guys Jehova's Witnesses?" hahaha classic line out here in italy. and we were like nah we're mormons! and they were like oohhh ok ok, we like you guys then. then it led into basically a restoration lesson on the spot for about 20 minutes because of all the questions they were asking. the lady was a very strong roman catholic and her daughter and boyfriend were considered catholic as well. but then her daughter was like, "i think i'm gonna switch to their religion!" hahahaha and the mom was like oh no you wont, they're the ones that are gonna change...hahahaha i was cracking up and i was like, no we aren't, nice try though ;) it was fun. i had a lot of opportunities to put my bible knowledge to the test and it was awesome. i have a lot to learn but it was fun stuff.
> saturday night we were out talking to people in the center of the town and havin a good time lookin for people to teach and then we came across this man and his son and they were some really amazing people. we talked for like 30 mins about a bunch of different things. he had a lot of respect for us and what we do. we have a good feeling they might come to our church this week and check us out, but we'll see.
> basically we only have a few people we're teaching these days, but a lot of potentials. we're really hoping to find out how we can get those potentials to transfer from that into one of the people we get to teach the gospel to. pray for the best.
> life is good, life is busy, but in a good way. love it all. miss you all. have a great week :)
> ciao!
> anz. blaise

view from our apartment balcony


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