Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 54 Foggia

Me and the them (from left) Fanco, Danielle, me, Christian, Simone and Davide. They're the best
I'm going to miss them so much, it's insane. Been here for dang near 6 months, Mamma Mia.

The DiCarolo family (most of them), my last Sunday in Foggia
Christian and Pasquale,  ha ha

Chiara (left); Miriana (right) Chiara is a member and Miriana is her nonmember friend.   We wanted to baptize her and she was down, but she needs to be 18.

And Jesus wept...

You know me, of course I still take off-guard front cam pics of my buds;)  Claudio (left) and Danielle (right)...gonna miss these guys way too much

That blue dot (Foggia) is where I am currently and down near the bottom of the screen you'll see Ragusa, where I'm getting transferred Thursday, February 4th.

The Gentile family!!  Haha gentile means nice in Italian, kinda funny, but I love them. THe dad isn't a member and the mom isn't active, but I see great potential in them.  Love them so much.

Taken by another missionary in my mission down in Sicily, where I'm getting transferred haha. Classic   

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