Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 55 Ragusa, Sicily

Hey everybody!

Alright so I'm pretty sure I let you all know last week that I would
be getting transferred to Ragusa on Thursday. Well, it happened!
Leaving Foggia was literally almost as hard as leaving home to come on
a mission, almost the same. I know I sound crazy, and like I may be
downplaying my fam, but I'm not. Foggia is probably in the top 5 least
attractive areas of my entire mission, yet I woulda gave anything to
stay. I was in Foggia for just about 6 months. It grew on me so much I
honestly thought of it as my second home. The thought of leaving never
crossed my mind because I didn't know what life was like to be outside
of Foggia. All in all, it was rough news for me to hear I was getting
transferred. But i did it.
Saying goodbyes was real hard, especially to the youth of the ward,
and Loris and Roberta (the two I baptized like 3 weeks ago). I hope so
bad that we can see each other again and hang out, because we really
did become dang near best friends. man...
Well here I am in Ragusa, Sicily, not too far from Africa haha. I
thought it'd would be fairly warm because of that, but its not! We're
up in the mountains so we get some serious wind and cold air :) It's
sooo pretty though, wow. The prettiest place I have ever seen. I spend
so much time marveling at the beauty that I forget to take pics, and I
even get lost. Pics honestly don't do this place justice. But Sicily!
man this is a different country haha. People look a little different
here and they speak different, and their food is even a little
different...but sooooooooo good!!!! My gosh guys I can't tell you
enough how bomb the food is down here. Canoli and arancini are famous
in Sicily, and holy freak are they good. Hopefully I can learn some
Siciliano dialect during my stay as well ;)
Not too much else to talk about...oh! Yeah it was about 14 hours of
travel to get to my area haha. Took a train to Bari, then a bus to
Reggio Calabria which got on a ferry to take us to Messina, Sicily,
then it took us to Catania, and then I took another bus from Catania
to Ragusa. Quite a day you could say.
My new comp is a good guy.  ight guys, love and
miss you. I wanna hear from you all!

Ciao ciao

Iblea, a small part of Ragusa.  We do lots of proselyting her believe it or not haha
Alleyway next to our apartment

Corso Italia..a "busy" street in Ragusa

Ferry ride to Sicily


Bus ride..long day of travel
"SPUMA is soooooo good!"

re-united! He's in my zone now! Saw him Thursday and Sunday

Our church! 

From my new apartment balcony...bad pic but trust me the view is better than it seems
The Dicarola family (most of them) This was my last Sunday in Foggia

Some of the English course squad
The District of Foggia...miss em

Simone!!! Mamma mia I miss this kid

more goodbyes ..classic Italian :-)

Roberta's mom

saying goodbye

Saying goodbye to the Maggiolino Fam!

saying goodbye to Loris and Roberta

The Guastella family


He's from my MTCgroup, saw him on my way down to Ragusa.

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