Monday, March 7, 2016

Ciao everyonee

Ciao everyoneee, 

So, interesting week...guess I'll start off my telling you guys that we didn't get transfer calls this week like we were supposed to :') and also transfers are postponed a week too :''') wow yay. Seriously killed me haha. Like transfer calls day are so suspenseful but then they just get postponed on us...gosh dang haha. Oh well. It's gonna end up being a normal 6 week transfer after all instead of 5 weeks like it was supposed to be.

So this week was slightly rough as far as missionary work goes, so I won't make you guys sad and tell you all about it haha. But on the bright side, we got some good hopes for this referral here this week...don't wanna jinx anything, but I think she's ready for this. We also just recently decided to start up a Quit Smoking class here in Ragusa. We figured that since everyone and their mom smokes here, there's gotta be at least a few that WANT to quit. And the program we're using is centered on Jesus Christ, His atonement, and the fact that through God we can accomplish any righteous cause. Of course there's a bit of science involved...a little grapefruit juice, mouthwash, vitamins and a different diet. But is program is developed by the church, and from statistics, of the 60% of the people that followed all 15 steps of the 7-day program, 100% of them were smoke-free by the end of the weeklong program. Pretty sick. So we finished our PowerPoint for that a few days ago and now we gotta get some publicity out there. I guess we'll see what happens from there. 🙏🏽

This week we had a miracle, I guess you could say. After English course, a new student came up and asked me what the difference was between us and Catholics. Well, being as there are many differences, I started with Prophets and worked my way through the entire Restoration with him. It was amazing. He was so curious. I've taught this lesson so many times, but every time I do, I feel it. I know it's true, and I get reminded every time that this church really was restored to the earth through a Prophet of God. Amazing. Then, I accidentally left my iPad in the church and didn't realize it til we got home. So we went to the church the next morning for studies since I use my iPad for studies. After studies, as we were about to leave the church, a random man gets out of a taxi near our church and looks like a hitchhiker pretty much. He comes up and all flustered asks, "can I buy a Book of Mormon off you guys? All I have is €20." It was a real wake up call to me on how precious the Book of Mormon really is. Here I am taking it for granted and all and this guy is almost refusing that I give it to him for free. Anyway, in the end, we gave him one for free of course, and he insisted on finding some sort of protective sleeve to put over it since he had a 40 minute bus ride to get back home. This guy traveled all the way out here just to get a Book of Mormon because he had read it in the past and it changed his life. Idk what's gonna happen with this guy, but I hope good things will. And as for the other guy from English course I taught the restoration to...he asked for a Book of Mormon and is down to meet with us...but he leaves for Denmark on Wednesday, and is planning on living there for a year...UGH! We just can't catch a break. Oh well, he'll find the gospel out there or somewhere, I know it.

In other news, Easter and General Conference are approaching us here in the near future!!! Soo sick. Man I love it. Can't wait :)

Sorry I don't have much to share with you guys this week, hopefully I'll have more next week. Including news about transfers. Love you guys. Ciao ciao.

-Anz. Carter Blaise

Anziano Carter Blaise 🇮🇹🇮🇲

Inviato da iPad

Anziano Chilvers and Whiting
Sicily has amazing gelato, just as good as Napoli, maybe better


Butcher down the street

A picture another Anziano took

Anziano Wog

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