Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Transfers...have a greenie

What up guys!

Alright so this Italian keyboard is being super weird right now and won't let me type certain punctuation marks, such as question marks, so I'm sorry if my email seems incorrectly punctuated or doesn't make sense haha.

For starters...my greenie is SICK AS HECK!! Definitely an inspired companionship right here. He goes by Anziano Perfili and he's from SO-CAL BOIII!! Got another Californian comp haha lets go!! He also loves Coldplay and sports and Taco Bell just like I do...so you can imagine how much fun we have. He's also got some serious courage and heart. I love it. We get along super well. He wants to work and he's always down to do whatever. And he never doubts himself either, I love it. We're gonna have a nice solid 2+ transfers together. It's also kinda funny because I found out that he and Anziano Goode, another missionary, and I all know someone in common from SoCal, small world.

I'd like to tell you that a lot happened to us this week, but not much has. I had to go up to Catania Tuesday with my last comp as he left Wednesday morning, and I stayed there until my greenie got there Thursday evening, and then we headed back together to Ragusa. And once we got to Ragusa, we haven't been able to do too many things special. We've been having to take care of getting his first residency permit so he's not illegal, and simultaneously taking care of renewing mine own residency permit. But all in all we were able to introduce him to some members and teach an investigator of ours, as well as plan out our first week together so we can attack at it full force. Speaking of which, were supposedly starting our quit smoking course Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes.

Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, the topic was Redemption by means of Christ. It was awesome. I absolutely love giving talks in sacrament meeting. Kinda strange I know. But honestly when I get the opportunity to give a talk, I also have the opportunity to PREPARE the talk. And in the process of preparation, I learn so many new things and my eyes are opened to so many more truths and principles of the Gospel. Never feel like you know it all already, cause you never will haha. There's always so much more to learn, and that goes in regard to anything that can be learned. Anyway, in my talk I had the privilege of talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ, that is, the means by which Christ actually redeems us, and it was such a great experience. I also recounted a story told to me by a member in Foggia named Maurizio Conforte, who was in the stake presidency. He served a mission in England, Leeds and Jeffrey R. Holland was the Area President at the time and made visits to all the English missions. And during his visits he would talk to the missionaries about many things and host conferences and especially recount firsthand experiences he saw in his ministry. Maurizio related to me a story told by Elder Holland himself that is a perfect example of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us, and it's all a true story. Unfortunately it's fairly long to type right now, especially since i would have to translate it from Italian to English for you guys. But if you wanna hear it let me know and I'll send it to you. It brought me to tears. But anyway, the talk I did went well, and I was pleased to receive a bunch of compliments from the members on behalf of it. I think it was good for the relationship between the missionaries and the members.

Well guys, we got some things happening next week, and it's possible that my pday, or free day, will be moved to Tuesday next week. So if you don't hear from me Monday next week, that's why. It's not because I'm dead.

Ok well I love you all, and hope you all don't miss me too much...lol jk

Ciao ciao!


Modica, right near Ragusa


My boys Anziano Stanley and Goode!!!! At the train station waiting for my greenie

yeah that's right,that's pistachio and some ricotta gelato

my orange was bleeding

Last district pic before transfers

Yeah idk what happened but I had to clean before church Sunday...

This guy almost gave us a tour of this entire cathedral

random church in Catania

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