Friday, April 8, 2016

Conference and miracles

man what a week...

this week was nice. we didnt teach a ton of lessons nor get any new investigators technically, but we saw God's hand!!!
literally, no, but we really got to see Him work His magic even in the little things.

last week we started teaching a 15 year old girl who's the girlfriend of a 17 year old member. she ate up everything we taught. i could just feel the whole time how much she had been prepared her whole life for this. after teaching her about the restoration of our church, she expressed to us that she believed everything we said was the truth, as well as everything she had read in the book of mormon so far. anyway, we taught her the plan of salvation this week and she just loved it. she just couldnt keep herself from tears when we told her that through this plan, she could be with her family for all of eternity, in the presence of God the Father. at the end, we asked her what she thought of the plan, basically, if she would be down to accept it and follow it by being baptized into Christ's church by someone with the actual Priesthood Authority of God...she said yes, she was so happy. she told us she was pretty scared though because she didn't think her mom and dad would be ok with her decision...which is pretty necessary when you're a minor wanting to make decisions like these. she also expressed how sad it made her to think that her family wouldn't accept this great plan of God that she knows to be the truth. i felt the impression to tell her that everything would be ok in the end, and that eventually, they would accept it based off her example she was setting. so, her mom came, picked her up, and saw the pamphlet we had given her. turns out she read it out of curiosity, and then asked her daughter, noemi, if she could learn more about this thing we were teaching her. and then, as you can maybe assume, her mom granted her permission to be baptized. this process happened over the course of 5 days by the way, and we had been praying hard the whole time for a miracle. and it happened. now all she needs is her dad's permission and she's good to go for april 30th :) and dont worry guys, im not dumb, we're for sure gonna work our butts off to try and teach the whole fam as well. after all, the Gospel was meant for families ;)

our ex-communicated homie we're working with decided to make a goal with us to get baptized in july this year. he came to conference, in fact, he came to all sessions of conference saturday and sunday in the church. it was his first time coming to church is straight up MONTHS. he's finally making a move, what a miracle. i been praying so hard for him, it's working.

some dude called us asking about english course, and then when i told him i was american, he flipped out and basically offered me a job with his company because of how good i speak english haha. he was like, "yeah when you get home in december you can start working from wherever you want, what do you say?" it was kinda whack haha. so when he comes to english course he wants to talk more about it...i guess i'll see what's up.

i also got some pretty spot on answers i been looking for during this season's general sick. i love hearing the Prophet and other church leaders speak, it hits me hard right when i need it. i could go on forever on what things i took from conference, but i'll save us both the time and share a quote i heard from Jeffrey R. Holland that really hit me where i needed it.

"You can have what you want, or you can have something better."

God knows us better than we know ourselves. often times we become selfish and forget that what we want may not be the best thing for us. i'm currently on the never-ending quest to align my will and desires with that of my Father in Heaven, because i know that if we both want the same thing, that I will be happier than I have ever thought possible. in the instances that we have shared the same desires, i've never seen anything work more smoothly and perfectly.

Trials are gonna come, they're inevitable. but it comforts me to read the words God spoke to the Prophet Joseph Smith when He said that "all these things shall give thee experience." It's easier said than done, but that is what life is for, to work your butt off so that you never waiver in the midst of trials because of the identical will you share with the God who created you.

love you all, and of course i miss you. i think about you guys a lot.
have a tight week and i'll talk to y'all soon!

ciao ciao,

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