Monday, June 6, 2016

Letter from Mission President

30 May 2016

To the Family of Anziano Blaise,

We are pleased to inform you that your son has been called to serve as a Zone Leader in the Italy Rome Mission.  He will have the responsibility to preside over two or more districts in one of our zones here in the mission.  He will be responsible for his zone both spiritually and temporally.  He will teach them once a month in a combined district meeting and will help with the planning and training at Zone Conference.  He will go on exchanges with all of the missionaries in his zone  to help them with teaching or language skills.  He will also serve as a member of the Mission Leader Council which helps direct and plan initiatives for the entire mission.

Elder Blaise is an outstanding missionary.  We are looking forward to the opportunity of serving more closely with him.

With best regards,

Michael G. Waddoups


Italy Rome Mission

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