Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pictures 080116

Soccer in Catania
"Gimmie a haircut" Ok


"Not only can we receive a testimony from God, but if we get a little skeptical, the Bible alone shows us what's really up.."

Best pizza I've ever had...OUTSIDE OF THE NAPOLI ALONE.  I mean of course Napoli pizza is better, but this comes after it haha  And yes, that is mozzrella di bufala

Long days in the summer=gettin as much rest as possible between appointments

Yeah, that's right...KFC!!! Tbh wasn't a huge fan back home but out here in Italy you start to miss America and this kinda screamed America lol. #RomaEst

Back to Sicily for a little visit..Saw my son..got an arancino..good day

In Sicily with my Companion

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