Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Football "Turkey Bowl"

Finishing in Ostia

Hey everyone!

Well, I'm here in Ostia now. It's a part of Rome technically but Rome
is so big that they divide it up into "quartieri" and the name of my
"quartiere" is Ostia. It's a nice little area of roughly 250,000
people....or so I heard. It's also right on the sea! It reminds me a
lot of like a chilled out more relaxed San Francisco, like near the
piers of San Francisco at least. It's cool. Tbh I was not expecting to
get transferred here my last transfer, so this is lightweight weird
haha. I got my transfer call a week ago but I didn't write anything
about it cuz we didn't get them until Monday night 😕😒 it's all good
though. I love my new comp as well. His name is Rolen Castillo and
he's from the Philippines, like straight up. We were actually in the
MTC together so this will be cool/interesting to finish the mission
together as companions. It's cool to see how much better his English
has gotten since the MTC, it's incredible.

It was surprisingly tough to leave Caltanissetta. Though it was a
tough city as far as church and missionary work goes, part of my heart
belongs to that city. It's something I've realized is honestly
inevitable as a missionary—not getting attached in some way to any
given city you serve in. It may have only been 3 months there, but it
was enough to grow to love it, and the people. That being said, coming
to Ostia was almost a culture shock. I went from having single digit
amount of members in church on Sunday, and me having to direct
everything, in our apartment....to now attending church in a SEPARATE
BUILDING, with a BISHOPRIC that leads it all, and like over 40 members
easily!!! It was crazy. Unfortunately the members here don't really
like the elders (idk why but it's been that way for like 6 months I
guess) and that'll be interesting to finish in a ward where the people
probably don't want me there 😂 but it's all good I'm lookin to change

Some highlights include:
-I burnt my tongue from the past I made
-I now have free-running water instead of a dumb little trash bin that
conveniently runs out of water when you need it most
-I now get to take buses and metros again because public
transportation not only exists here but it WORKS
-church building again
-14 hour train ride from Caltanissetta to Rome
-played some dope 7 on 7 football today in honor of thanksgiving...and
I DIDN'T get injured!!!!! Even though I did some crazy things and
should've gotten hurt...lolol
-had a nice FREE homemade lasagna from a super cool less-active member
in Rome 3 after playing football
-finished a nice cold 1.5 liter of off-brand Coke in 1 day

I love you all, and I hope to be able to go hard enough in the paint
to be able to finish strong here in Ostia...anything can happen in 5
weeks 😏


On the ferry for the last time...leaving the island of Sicily once again to go to the mainland of Italy

our apartment

me and my last companion, he is from my MTVC group

Chillin on the boardwalk...if that's what it's called

Monday, November 28, 2016

Last days in Sicily before transferring to Ostia

Miss my district..we were so close....btw, not my idea for the pose surprisingly

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English course friends in Caltanissetta

English course friends in Caltanissetta

The classic park job...Sicily is slightly worse but still